My Lockscreen set up on my XS MAX RUNNING IOS 13.5

My Lockscreen set up with
Spring board with CERES DUSK THEME and
IDM WIDGET 010 (Dock)

SmokeandGlass • jailbreak theme

 Here’s a beautiful theme from well known iOS theme developmer FRENCHITOUCH. This theme is in the MACCITY repo for $3.49  


PooTheme • jailbreak theme

 Here is cool theme for $3.29 in the MACCITY repo and the developers name is TKYOLOGY 

FlatDelight • my first jailbreak theme in CYDIA now




Hey my name Mike Maynard I’m the author of this blog. FLAT DELIGHT is my first theme and its free in CYDIA now so pick it up. Plz let me no about any problems so I can fix on the first update. Its compatible for iOS 9 and 9.1 and iPhone 6-6splus . My theme is In CYDIA now for free 

Empire iOS 9 • jailbreak theme

Well here is another great theme from well know artist @FRENCHITOUCH for 3.49$ in the BIGBOSS repo



Elisya • jailbreak theme

This is a beautiful theme with nice icons, the theme is 2.99$ in the MACCITY REPO AND IS developed by TAiILORVISHAL