THIRA • Jailbreak theme 


 Hey guys check out my theme called THIRA that’s in CYDIA now for $1.99 and is developed my me @Flaw1Ess 


MaterialCards for iOS – jailbreak theme 

Hey guys go buy a copy of this cool jailbreak theme is MACCITY repo for $2.99 from my pal @IPSHQIP 


SUPREMO SOL • jailbreak theme




 Now here is a new the that has a little Latin flavor. This theme is 2.00$ in the BIGBOSSREPO and is developed by FELIX RUSSEL

NuReflect • jailbreak theme

Here is a very unique and beautiful theme in the BIGBOSSREPO and is developed by SyedFG

ChromeColor • jailbreak theme

This cool theme is in the BIGBOSSREPO for 1.99$ and is developed by @TH3m3ur