Carrot• jailbreak tweak

DescriptionCompatible with iOS 8.4 and 9.x
Carrot adds Shuffle and Repeat toggles to Control Center and the Lockscreen.

Configure options from Settings.

Fastboot • jailbreak tweak 

This is a free tweak in the BIGBOSSREPO and is developed by Skitty


Compatible with iOS 9


Hold the power button for a sleek menu to pop up with 3 options, Respring, SafeMode, and Reboot. Tap anywhere to close it! FastBoot is a customizable popup you can open in the springboard or any other app. Change the appearance in settings with DarkMode, Shadows, and Rounded Corners.

Snapper 2 • jailbreak tweak

This jailbreak tweak is developed by Jonathan winger lane and is in the BIGBOSS repo for 2.49 $


 DescriptionCompatible with iPhones on iOS 7, 8 and 9. Full iPad support is coming!
Snapper is a tweak that lets you crop a portion of the screen and keep it floating on the screen.
This is useful for (example):

– Never switching between two apps multiple times to enter a password ever again – Comparing stuff on the screen!

– Instantly censoring an image that you want to share

– Keep a reference to something while searching in e.g. Safari

– Great for when you have a hard to spell word snapped that you need to enter somewhere

– Take a screenshot of a small part of the screen only

– Zoom unzoomable images

– Can’t copy text in some app? Just snap it and save to camera roll for later .. and more!

– Control the area to crop before snapping!

– Or don’t – snapper has multiple modes

– Costumizable

– Use it with Activator, or without!

– Never lose a snap, the history panel (access via Activator OR the Settings app)

– Snaps organised by application snapped within

– Multiple snaps on the screen at the same time

– Facebook-heads-like interface to close snaps

– Save to camera roll instantly

– Sharing built-in

– Automatically copy snap to clipboard (optional)

– No DRM!

– Awesome animations!

.. and more!
Configure options from Settings.

My Home Screen Layout On My Jailbroken iPad Air 2

This is the home screen layout on my iPad Air 2, which is fully Jailbroken running iOS 8.4. As you can see I have custom App icons which is achieved by a Winterboard theme I installed called Lasso, which is a great looking theme on the iPad and iPhone. I also have a custom weather iWidget called CORE iWidget UniAW_v3.3, which is animated and gives you a five day weather forecast in your area. I also have a tweak called ClassicDock which gives you back the old style dock that came in the good old days of iOS 6, which I think is a much better looking dock than the dock currently in iOS 9. You may notice I have up to 5 icons going across the home screen instead of the standard 4. That’s all thanks to a Cydia tweak called betterFiveColumnHomescreen, which allows you to have up to 5 icons across your home screen. These are just a few of the many Cydia tweaks that I have installed on my Jailbroken iPad Air 2. So if you have a Jailbroken iDevice, what are you waiting for. Head over to Cydia now and start fully customising your iDevice.

Posted By: Ben Beedell