NcCOLOR • jailbreak tweak 

 Here’s a free tweak in the BIGBOSSREPO from the developer named RAIN.

DescriptionCompatible with iOS 9
Custom the Notification Center color.

Configure options from Settings.

The COCOatop • jailbrea

This is a free tweak in the BIGBOSS repo and is developed by DOMO

DescriptionGUI Process Viewer for iOS 5 – 9

NUNTIOUS• jailbreak tweak 

 This tweak is in the BIGBOSSREPO for $1.49 and is developed by ADIT KAMATH 


Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

Nuntius is an all-in-one tweak that aims to add many needed features to the Messages app. In addition to this, Nuntius allows for extensive UI/Interface customization so you can personalize the app to your heart’s desire.

Currently, Nuntius offers many great features such as:

– Pin Conversations – Pinned conversations cannot be deleted and will stay at the top of your conversation list

– Mark Conversations – Mark conversations as read/unread by swiping to the right on a conversation cell

– Hide Conversations – Hide your conversations from snooping individuals. Toggle between hidden and unhidden mode by holding the navigation bar

– Switch Service – Tap and hold the send button to switch between SMS and iMessage

– Load More Messages – Load a set amount of messages to prevent having to continuously swipe for more

– Disable Typing Indicator – Prevent others from seeing when you are composing a message

– Extensive UI/Interface Customization

– …and much, much more!

MOLAR • jailbreak tweak 

 This tweak is In the BIGBOSS repo for $1.99 and is developed by Lucas honig
DescriptionNext level bluetooth keyboard experience
Take total control of your device with custom shortcuts and navigate apps using your keyboard!
With features designed to work and feel like their OS X counterparts, Molar makes using your iPhone more like a desktop computer.
Molar is for iOS 7-9. Not tested on iPad, but could work.
App Switcher:

Press Cmd-Tab to bring up an app switcher that lets you cycle through open apps and quit them. The switcher handles exactly like on OS X and is available everywhere.

– Cmd-Tab to open the switcher, press repeatedly to cycle through apps, release to switch to the selected app. 

You can also use the Left and Right keys to select an app.

– Cmd-Q to close the selected app

– Cmd-Escape to close the app switcher without switching

– Cmd-Shift-H to simulate the home button

– Cmd-Shift-P to simulate the power button

– Options to change the appearance to Dark Mode and hide app labels

Create custom keyboard shortcuts and assign them to Activator actions. Endless possibilities to suit your needs exactly.

Changes sometimes require a respring to take effect.
App Control:

Use the Tab and Arrow Keys to select a control, then press Enter to activate. Many interface elements are supported.

– Shift-Tab to select the previous item

– Press Escape to go back to the previous view. Cmd-Escape to go to the first view. You can also dismiss text fields and alerts using Escape.

– Scroll views by selecting them and pressing the Arrow keys

– Add the Cmd key to an Arrow key to directly go to the top / bottom / left / right border. Works in tables and regular scroll areas.

– Modify sliders by selecting them and pressing Left or Right

– Cmd-Shift-R reloads the selected table

– Play around. You will get the hang of it soon!
App Launcher:

Predefined shortcuts to launch apps of your choice (Cmd-1 to Cmd-0)
Key Sheet:

Hold Cmd to show a list of keyboard shortcuts that the current app provides, like Discoverability on the iPad. Left and right to change pages.
Upcoming Features:

– Further improvements to App Control

CALLISTO IOS 8/9 • jailbreak theme

 This tweak is In in the BIGBOSSREPO for $1.49 and is developed by ijapija00


Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

Compatible with iPhone and iPad
Callisto sets the current passcode to the current time of your device. A lot of configurable options like “Reverse Passcode” & “Original Passcode Unlock”.
With iOS 9, Apple introduced the 6-digit Passcode. Since the time format is detailed in only four digits, the 6-digit Passcode was impossible to have, and therefore you had locked your device permanently if that was the case.
However, Callisto 1.0 offers “Magic Digits” for 6-Digit Passcodes. The “Magic Digits” are the last two digits.

There are (for now) 3 different options to choose between:
1. Double Zero! – Your last two digits will be “00”. It´s easy to remember and use with other options…

Example: If the time is 09:41, your passcode will be 094100.
2. Magic Digits! – Choose between different magic digits and these will be the last two digits of your Time Passcode.

Example: If the time is 09:41 and you have chosen Magic Digits “07”, your passcode will be 094107.
3. Callisto Special! – This option will calculate current (hour + minute) and that will be the last two digits.

Example: If the time is 09:41, your passcode will be 0941+(hour + minute) = 0941 + (09 + 41) = 094150.
If you have other ideas, you are welcome to write a message to me via Cydia. I will see what I can do, but the chance is huge if your idea is serious and can be attempted 🙂
Configurable Options in Settings…

BREVIS • Jailbreak tweak 

 Another cool tweak for 3D Touch. This tweak is $1.00 in the BIGBOSSREPO and is developed by LAUGHINGQUOLL

DescriptionCompatible with iOS 9
Brevis is a epic tweak to allow you to modify many aspects of the 3D Touch shortcuts. Including font sizes, icon sizes, icon only option, optimization settings with more to come.
Make feature requests via my email:
Have any issues be sure to email me and I will do my best to help you out.
Configure options from Settings.

EDGE • jailbreak tweak 

This tweak is in the BIGBOSSREPO for 1.99 and the developer is CP DIGATAL DARKROOM 

DescriptionCompatible with iOS 9+
Experience a completely new user interface you’d previously had to completely change platforms for.
Edge brings a similar experience to the Samsung S7 side interface to iOS.
With configurable pages, Edge allows you to quickly open recent apps, trigger tasks, access favorite apps as well as quickly accessing favorite contacts. 
The favorite apps and recent apps pages allow you to double tap the icon to bring up the app view to quickly interact with the app without having to fully open it. This is truly a faster way of multitasking.
The tasks edge is extensible and adapts to the apps you have installed. Any shortcut item apps have or created using tweaks like Traverse can be used.
The favorite people page allows you to quickly call the person, email them and even quick compose a message on the fly.
With its smooth fade in blur and completely customizable experience, Edge will come to win you over

Color REACHABILITY • jailbreak tweak 

Here is nice tweak that is free in the BIGBOSS repo from the developer named merdok

DescriptionColorReachability allows you to change or completely remove the standard dark Reachability background when an app is open.
Works on all iOS devices with iOS 8 and 9 and Reachability enabled. 

Configure options from Settings app.

CopyBundleID• Jailbreak tweak

DescriptionCompatible with iOS 9

This Tweak adds a quick action shortcut to every app that will copy the app’s bundle identifier.
No options to configure.

BatiVator • jailbreak tweak 

 This tweak is in the BIGBOSS repo for 1.99 and is developed by Merdok

DescriptionCompatible with iOS 8 and 9
Battivator is a tweak designed to save and extend battery life on your iOS device.

With Battivator it is possible to setup custom profiles, which will trigger at predefined actions like a specified battery level or device state, and turn off, turn on or toggle various system settings. Configure your device to automatically disable wifi, mobile data and handoff at a specified battery percentage or if your battery is in a critical level the device will automatically kill all background apps and even send an SMS/iMessage with the current battery percentage. Choose from various actions which are grouped in the following categories:
– Power Saving,

– Sounds & Vibration

– User Notifications

– Extras
All actions are specially chosen and prepared to work on every iOS device in both, standby (including deep sleep) and in use, to extend the battery life as much as possible. 

Decide by yourself what system settings you want to disable based on your needs and get notified when a certain battery level is reached. 
Additionally the tweak includes a fully customizable Low Power Mode which you can toggle anytime with a button on the power down screen, low battery popup, flipswitch or in the preferences. You can decide by yourself what settings or features should be disabled in the low power mode in order to extend the battery life of your iOS device when you need it.
The tweak also includes a basic logging feature, which logs every battery percentage drop or rise and every action which Battivator is performing giving you a detailed overview of your battery usage.

Configure options from Settings app