Prefernecetag3 iOS 9 • jailbreak tweak

This is a paid tweak in the BIGBOSS repo for 1.99$ and is developed by GABRIELE Filipponi


Requires iOS 9, compatible with iPhone and iPod (not with iPad).

For iOS8, try PreferenceTag2 (iOS 8)

PreferenceTag3 let you do awesome stuff on your settings app.

Here are listed some key features of that package:

°Disable/Enable settings;

°Protect each setting cell with a passcode;

°Tag your settings like you would do on any Mac in finder app;

°Create custom folders;

°Hide settings;

°Rearrange cells;

°Adds 3D Touch to settings app.

It has an awesome interface:

Just tap the gear at the top-right corner to access PreferenceTag’s configuration page.

You can also swipe on a cell to access individual settings. (Just check screenshot below).

After installation just respring and a tutorial menu will show.

If you have any question email me and make sure to follow me to be updated with my work.

Configure options from Settings.