NUNTIOUS• jailbreak tweak 

 This tweak is in the BIGBOSSREPO for $1.49 and is developed by ADIT KAMATH 


Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

Nuntius is an all-in-one tweak that aims to add many needed features to the Messages app. In addition to this, Nuntius allows for extensive UI/Interface customization so you can personalize the app to your heart’s desire.

Currently, Nuntius offers many great features such as:

– Pin Conversations – Pinned conversations cannot be deleted and will stay at the top of your conversation list

– Mark Conversations – Mark conversations as read/unread by swiping to the right on a conversation cell

– Hide Conversations – Hide your conversations from snooping individuals. Toggle between hidden and unhidden mode by holding the navigation bar

– Switch Service – Tap and hold the send button to switch between SMS and iMessage

– Load More Messages – Load a set amount of messages to prevent having to continuously swipe for more

– Disable Typing Indicator – Prevent others from seeing when you are composing a message

– Extensive UI/Interface Customization

– …and much, much more!