ClearRecentCalls • jailbreak tweak

This tweak cool tweak is free in the BIGBOSS repo and is developed by by ROB311 or @jb_tweak_ideas 


Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9
Adds an additional segment button to the “Recent Calls” section of the Phone App to “Clear All Recents” without having to go into edit mode first. 
You can Enable or Disable the alert that takes place before clearing the logs in the Settings App. 
Features a Localized Clear button available in any language the Phone App supports.
Idea by Rall.S

Configure options from Settings

LockTionary • jailbreak tweak 


DescriptionCompatible with iOS 8.4-9.0.2
A simple way to search the dictionary! Adds a text field on the lock screen for quick and easy access to the dictionary
Source code on Github

Big thanks to /u/uroboro and /u/rob311
Configure options from Settings.

Custom switcher cards • jailbreak tweak

This is a free tweak from Wylliam Altman in the BIGBOSS repo for free 

DescriptionCompatible with iOS 9
Set a custom background color on the app switcher 

Default color is Black.
Configure options from Settings.

Prenesi 3 • JAIKBREAKING tweak

This is a free tweak and is developed by MAJD ALfhailey you will need to install th 3rd parties repo which has been tested and so far so go –http// 


RECENTS • jailbreak tweak


 Here is a very useful tweak for people who receives a lot of important calls. This tweak is in the BIGBOSS repo for a three day trial. The developer of this tweak is IARRAYS

DescriptionRecents keeps your call history coupled with Notification Center on your iDevice. It adds another tab to Notification Center and from where you can view all your call history and made calls without unlocking your device or launching the stack Phone app. It also allows you to manage your call history (like adding a call to existing contact or creating a new contact from a call) from any hassle. Its also compatible with all famous tweaks like IntelliScreenX, LockInfo and CallBar, etc.
Note: *Screenshots shown in the below section are rendered with Copic. To have Contact images with Recents requires a valid purchase of Copic.

Requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Comes with 3 day full trial.

PaperGram • jailbreak tweak 


This is a free tweak in the BIGBOSS repo and the developers are JACK0000 and Aokhtenburg
DescriptionAutomatically set your iOS wallpaper to pictures from an Instagram feed.
Simply select the user to use for both your lockscreen and your homescreen, and try unlocking or locking your device.
Each picture is set while you are unable to see the new picture, making wallpaper transitions seamless.
* Enable or disable for the lockscreen and homescreen separately

* Set different feeds for both the lockscreen and homescreen
Only supports public profiles. This should allow you to use most profiles that would include any pictures worthy of being your wallpaper.
Not affiliated with Instagram or Facebook. Compatible with iOS 9. Instagram not required.

Configure options from Settings.

Auris • jailbreak tweak 

This is a awesome tweak in the BIGBOSS REPO FOR 1.99$ and the developer of the tweak is TWEAKWIZ


Compatible with iOS 8 – 9.

Auris tweak review video

Auris is the perfect way of managing your different music apps all at once! No more searching needed. Once you’ve setup your favorite music apps, you only need to connect a headphone or wireless headphone and Auris will immediately let you choose which music app you want to open. There are many options to configure: Colors, text, or even a different style animation! Because music needs to be personal, Auris will be too.

Configure options from Settings.

Prefernecetag3 iOS 9 • jailbreak tweak

This is a paid tweak in the BIGBOSS repo for 1.99$ and is developed by GABRIELE Filipponi


Requires iOS 9, compatible with iPhone and iPod (not with iPad).

For iOS8, try PreferenceTag2 (iOS 8)

PreferenceTag3 let you do awesome stuff on your settings app.

Here are listed some key features of that package:

°Disable/Enable settings;

°Protect each setting cell with a passcode;

°Tag your settings like you would do on any Mac in finder app;

°Create custom folders;

°Hide settings;

°Rearrange cells;

°Adds 3D Touch to settings app.

It has an awesome interface:

Just tap the gear at the top-right corner to access PreferenceTag’s configuration page.

You can also swipe on a cell to access individual settings. (Just check screenshot below).

After installation just respring and a tutorial menu will show.

If you have any question email me and make sure to follow me to be updated with my work.

Configure options from Settings.

InstaTools • jailbreak tweak 

This is a free tweak in the BIGBOSS repo and is very useful for all you Instagram power users it’s developed by willy Lung

Instatools video review


Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

InstaTools makes many things that Instagram unable to do came true. You know you’ve never felt anything like it.

• Long press photo to zoom

• Add “Save” & “Share” button on action bar

• Save high-quality photo or videos

• Share photos or videos with caption

• Able to save photos or videos to specified album

• Notification sound, including like, comment, etc…

• Show user accounts & name on main feed

• Switch main feed as a grid or a list

• Covert Post Time to Date

• Show follow status on profile

• Remove sponsored Ads

• View and zoom profile picture

• Long press to save or share media content on DM

• Long press post caption able to copy or share

Please keep looking forward to adding more useful features, and your idea and support are definitely welcome!

Compatible with iOS 7 ~ 9

Ensemble • jailbreak tweak 

 This is a free tweak in the BIGBOSS repo and is developed by CP DIGATAL DARKROOM


Compatible with iOS 8 & 9

Ensemble adds a control center view to the notification center allowing easy access to both. Perfect for users who use Activator or the likes to set activation gestures for swipes up which might otherwise interfere with normal control center operation.

Ensemble works with all tweaks which would normally work in the control center; Polus, FlipControlCenter, Bragi, Seeker, Acapella, etc

There are no options to configure.