AquaBoard (iOS 9) • Jailbreak tweak

Here’s a cool and creative Jailbreak tweak for $2.99 in the BIGBOSS repo 


Compatible with iOS 8 and 9

Aquaboard tweak review by IDOWNLAODBLOG
Also available, AquaBoard (iOS 5,6,7)

AquaBoard – Liquid SpringBoard (iOS 8)

Real, OpenGL based water effects on your SpringBoard!
Get cool , interactive ripple effects on your SpringBoard! 

Touch anywhere, on icons, your wallpaper, your lock screen,and ripples appear right where you touched or dragged.

-It automatically lays over your wallpaper , at home screen or lock screen , and adds interactive water effects.
-The tweak uses OpenGL ES 2.0 to render cool water ripples on screen.
-It offers about 10 different ripple effect themes (size/depth) and several customization options.

-Battery friendly; OpenGL rendering stops when the ripples stop animating or SpringBoard/Lockscreen is not visible.

Get used to having fun just by browsing your icons, and show off to your friends with the coolest SpringBoard!
Check out the screenshots and video and … enjoy!
Configure options from Settings app.