Cream • jailbreak tweak 

This cool little tweak is free in the BIGBOSS repo and is developed by CP DIGATAL DARKROOM


Compatible with iOS 8 and 9
Cream colors the ControlCenter toggles when ON to mimmic the look of Apple Watch buttons.
Cream works with tweaks that modify the control center buttons such as CCSettings, FlipControlCenter and Polus. It also works with multitasking tweaks such as Auxo LE and Seng.
Custom colors for FlipControlCenter and Polus
Configure options from Settings


SPOTBROWSER • jailbreak tweak 

This tweak is in the BIGBOSS repo for $0.99 and is developed by TWEAKWIZ


SPOTBROWSER tweak review
SpotBrowser – Replace Spotlight with a quick browser!
You can have two separate browser sessions for the “left” and “top” spotlight, or you can have just one unified session for both. The home url can be configured in settings, along with your top five favorite sites, and more!
You can also disable the browser for either the left or top spotlight, to have both a browser, as well as the original spotlight, if you want.
Compatible with iOS 9

Configure options from Settings.I

Springfade• jailbreak tweak


DescriptionCompatible with iOS 8 and iOS 9 (tested on iPhone 5/6 running iOS 9 and on iPhone 6 running iOS 8).
I have not tested on iPad yet, so i do not know if it worked there. Please bring back to me, thanks.
SpringFade is my new tweak that gives you nice Fade Animations for the SpringBoard!
It brings fade effects while unlocking the Device with the Touch ID, while closing an Application and when opening and closing a Folder (and also closing an App inside a Folder). 
The Screenshots show the fade effects during the unlocking, the closing of a Folder and the Tweak Settings.
Disable/Enable and respring in Settings after the installation to take effect (a Confirmation Button will appear to respring the Device!
Feel free to contact me via Mail or via Twitter @CydiaGeek, i hope you like it, thanks! 🙂

CCquick Pro iOS 9 • jailbreak tweak 

This tweak is in the BIGBOSS repo for $2.99 and the developer is CUNSTUCK 

Ccquickpro tweak review video

Requires iOS 8

If you purchase CCQuick Pro, you can use “CCQuick Pro for iOS8” for free

Also available, CCQuick Pro for iOS9

Also available, CCQuick Pro for iOS7

StatusBar Gesture

Swipe right to lock device in anywhere.

Swipe left to goto Home Screen in Application, and to lock device in Home Screen.

Double Tap to open Multitask.

Hold to Screen Capture.

Hide ControlCenter Sections

You can hide unused section
Customize ControlCenter BackgroundColor by RGB and alpha


Customize CCQuick Pro Buttons.

Add more CCQuick Buttons.

Swipe up on the APP Icon when Portrait, and swipe right on the APP Icon when Landscape. 

Hold on to kill background.

Animation and Gesture

You can push the MainView up when ContorlCenter is transition.

Also you can swipe up than original height and drag off to quit app or lock device and you can set the height which activate the gesture functions.

Animation and Gesture!!!!!! 

ControlCenter Animation and Gesture, you can push the MainView up when ContorlCenter is show, and swipe up than original height and drag off to quit app or lock device. Also you can set the height which activate the gesture functions.

There are 15 toggles: location, ringer muted, edge, 3G/LTE, vibrate, hotspot, vpn, autobrightness, autolock, locationfaker, airplane, wifi, bluetooth, donotdisturb, orientationlocked.

VolumeMixer 2 • jaikbreak tweak 

Here is handy tweak from the VLADMAX SOFT in the  BIGBOSS repo for $0.99 


Compatible with iOS 9

For iOS 6,7,8, try Volume Mixer

Volume Mixer 2 allows you to control the volume of each media channel & output separately, instead of being able to change it only when that channel is active (Ringer, Audio/Video for music, video and games, Phone Call, Bluetooth headset & headphones). You can display all of the controls in the mixer at the same time, or choose to hide the ones you do not need.
Several skins are included, in addition to stock iOS look (which you can fully customize by changing colors of text, sliders and thumb grabbers).
You can configure it in Settings/Volume Mixer 2, and open it using any Activator action. Default actions for opening are long press on Volume Up button or tapping on the volume HUD – you can change it in Settings. Close the mixer by tapping anywhere outside it.
Supported on all iOS 9 devices. Free if you have purchased old Volume Mixer previously.

Forecast iOS 8/9 • jailbreak tweak 

Here is update for this nice lockscreen tweak it’s in the modmyirepo for $0.99



TURNME• jailbreak tweak 

 This tweak is in the BIGBOSSREPO for $1.49 the developer is va2ron1


Compatible with iOS 9
TurnMe is another passcode alternative where you can unlock your device by scrolling it like an old telephone. Is a simple and a easily slider that you could scroll without any difficulty. Also fully color customizable so you can give it the aspect that you would like.
Configure options from Settings.

BACKUPAZ IOS 8/9 • jailbreak tweak 

This tweak is in the BIGBOSS repo for $2.99 and is developed by SYNNYG


Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9
In a wish to consolidate all my apps and improve them, BackupAZ come back with a new version !!! (free for all previous BackupAZ users)
Check out BackupAZ Command-Line Edition, it’s free for all BackupAZ users 😉
Why use iTunes to backup your device when you have BackupAZ in your pocket ? This application can save all these data (at the moment):
– Your Cydia sources

– Your installed Cydia Packages

– Your Tweaks’ settings and also your stock applications settings

– Your account(s)

– Your Contact list

– Your Calendar event(s)

– Your Notes

– Your Safari Bookmark(s)

– Your SMS and also their attachments

– Your Voicemail(s)

– Your Call history

– Your SpringBoard settings (including Lockscreen and Homescreen Backgrounds, Icon state…) 

– Your Photos and Videos
And restore them !
The action related to the All in One button Preference can be long, depending on the size taken by the backup(s) ! For example, with 123Mo of SMS, 400Mo of Photos etc… The restoration and the safeguard take me about 4-5min (only !)
BackupAZ store backup data under iTunes Safeguard location, but by security, I would advise you to backup these data on your PC (there are in /var/mobile/Library /Preferences/BackupAZ). If you want to restore your backup after you’ve copied it onto your PC, replace BackupAZ folder under same path, this is very important ! 

Until the cloud storage feature will return, I’ve added a way to send your packages backup by email !
NOTE: Some apps require a reboot (Phone app for Voicemails and Call history, for example). For this, simply use the button in the the alert after a restoration. You can also use the reboot button in the « Options » pages.
Please, read the Help page in app for important information, like if you upgrade your device and change your jailbreak (like TaiG from Pangu…)
If you have any issue, please email me with the Cydia’s form, I will try to reply to you as soon as possible !
Follow me on Twitter (@SynnyG_R) for news, update, app giveaway…

Neptune • jailbreak theme 

 Here’s Neptune theme of mine that I just submitted today in CYDIA For $1.99 In the BIGBOSSREPO 

Clovis • jaikbreak theme 

 Here my theme Clovis for your iOS device for iOS 9 and iPod/iPad/iPhone this theme is winterboard only for now it’s in the BIGBOSSREPO FOR $1.99