Thinks to our friends down at IDOWNLAODBLOG here is list of the top tweaks of the week 


AlienBlueMusicFriendlyGfys: a seemingly useful tweak with an awful name (free)

Cello: adds 3D Touch support to all media types in the Music app ($0.99)

ClearDock: removes the Dock background (free)

Dwnldr: easily download videos from the Tumblr app ($0.99)

Forton: customize certain aspects of the Lock screen (free)

Garmin Connect Fixes: tweaks for the Garmin Connect app (free)

LowPowerModeStatusBar: adds a custom icon in the Status Bar when on Low Power Mode (free)

MetaMorph: offers several options to customize the Home and Lock screens (free)

NemerovPlus: customize the animation when taking a screenshot ($1.99)

PinchToClose: pinch on folders to close them (free)

TransparentFolders: makes folders background transparent (free)

Vizoom: lets you zoom the picture in picture window (free)

WalkingDead: lets you fake your current location and pretend you are walking ($1)

My picks of the week are Cello and Vizoom. What are yours?

CYDIA’S most popular repo is getting a overhaul for 2016- jailbreak news

by Jeff benjiman 


you noticed something a bit different with Cydia when you opened it this morning, you’re not alone. Cydia itself didn’t change, but the repo that hosts the majority of the popular jailbreak tweaks did.
The BigBoss repo underwent a significant redesign, resulting in a cleaner look, and a more friendly interface. Of course, since this change is limited to the BigBoss repo, you won’t see any changes in packages hosted on other repos.
The above screenshot is a before and after comparison image of the repo changes. As you can see, the package description and other details now span the entire width of the screen, resulting in a more modern look.

The package images are also presented in a much more digestible format, as is the change log. Even ads seem to load faster with the new changes.

What do you think about the update to the BigBoss repo? Do you think it’s an improvement over the old design? Personally speaking, I think it looks great!

STARWARS ZEPPLIN- jailbreak additions 


Tweaks of the week- this week all tweaks are free

Understandably, it was a pretty slow week for jailbreak tweaks but one thing was consistent across the board: all tweaks released this week were free. So jump in and browse this week’s selection and tell us which ones are your favorites.

CamTouch: adds Panorama and Time-Lapse shortcuts to Camera app icon (free – review)
DisableTopHits: disables Top Hits in Safari (free)
Free iWidgets App: a browser for free iWidgets (free)
Nuus: completely Home screen rotation on iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s (free – review)
PhotoScrubber: enables photos scrubber on older devices (free)
ProximityActivator 2: adds a proximity sensor event to Activator (free)
SafariBeBetter: a few tweaks for Safari (free – review)
Sapphire: adds extra features to Alien Blue (free)
Sketch9: enables sketching feature in Notes app on unsupported devices (free)
skia: a transparent SOCKS Redirector (free)
Any favorites? 

IOS 9.2 jailbreak status: what we no so far 


It’s been more than 2 months since Apple killed the iOS 9.0.x jailbreak, and in that time we’ve seen the public release of iOS 9.1, 9.2, and a beta version of 9.2.1, with no update to the Pangu tool. So as you can imagine, we’ve received a lot of questions regarding the current status of the jailbreak. Here is what we know so far.
For a little context, Apple released iOS 9 on September 16. That was quickly followed by iOS 9.0.1 and 9.0.2 later in the month, with significant bug and security fixes. The iOS 9 jailbreak landed on October 13, courtesy of the talented Pangu Team, and it was compatible with all versions of iOS 9 we had seen up until that point.
Pangu’s jailbreak tool was officially broken by Apple on October 21, with the release of iOS 9.1, which patched several security exploits used by the team of hackers. Thus, 9.0.2 is the latest version of iOS that’s eligible to be jailbroken, and Apple has long stopped signing the software, meaning you can’t up/downgrade to it.
We’ve heard that both Pangu and TaiG are working on jailbreak tools for the latest public version of iOS, which is 9.2. In fact, a recent report pointed to a Weibo post by TaiG partner 3K Assistant which indicated their tool is nearly complete. Unfortunately, that’s all we’ve heard—we have no knowledge of an exact release date.
What now? Now we sit and wait. The aforementioned teams aren’t much for status updates, and they have been extremely sporadic with recent releases. An iOS 9.2 jailbreak could literally come at anytime. So for those of you anxiously awaiting its arrival, be sure to stay tuned to iDB, because as soon as we know more, you’ll know.
Should you update to iOS 9.2?
It really depends on your situation. Obviously, if you are on iOS 9.0.x and are either enjoying a jailbreak or still considering it, you should stay put. If you’re on iOS 9.1, that’s a tougher call, because although it’s extremely unlikely we’ll see an iOS 9.1-only jailbreak, it’s possible. For what it’s worth, if I were on 9.1, I would update.


 Well what can I say my wonderful sister  gave me her iPad first gen today and its in wonderful shape I’m so happy . Well for now I will jailbreak with green poison jailbreak tool  

JAILBREAK TWEAKS OF THE WEEK – tweak from December 13-20 2015



This was a relatively slow week compared to what we’ve seen in the past few months, but that could be due to the time of the year. Still, a few tweaks were released this week. Nothing Earth-shattering, but who are we to complain?
CCColor: changes the Control Center color (free)
DailyIcons: shows a different calendar icon on your Home screen every day (free)
DisableVolumeButton: disable the volume buttons of your device (free)
MessagesTabs: split Messages into categories ($0.99)
MockingBird: a redesigned App Switcher ($1.99 – review)
PodcastFineTuning: lets you fine tune the the playback rate on Podcasts app (free)
Safari Close All Tabs: lets you close all Safari tabs quickly (free – review)
UnlimShortcut: removes 3D Touch app shortcuts limits (free)
VehicleNotifier Lite: forward notifications to your car screen (free)
VehicleNotifier Pro: same as above, without the limitations of the free version ($2.99)

Auki 2 jailbreak tweak is in development 


Auki 2Quick Reply and Quick Compose tweak released by Surenix and Bensge back at JailbreakCon in 2014—has a sequel in the works. Auki 2 is currently deep into development, and is the the result of a new collaboration between designer Surenix and developer Pimskeks.
Messages app tweaks like Auki are few and far between these days, especially with the demise of biteSMS, but Auki 2 looks poised to change that notion.

No screenshots or videos have been released to showcase Auki 2 in action, but we know that it will definitely have something to do with enhancing the Messages app. The first version of Auki was centrally focused on providing enhanced Messages app functionality like Quick Compose, Quick Reply, and Silent Mode features.

iOS 9 jailbreak is in the works

Here is the latest on the iOS 9 jailbreak according to IDOWNLOADBLOG 

Not only is an iOS 9.2 jailbreak in the works, but it could be here sooner than you think. That all, according to 3K Assistant, a long-time TaiG jailbreak partner. 3K Assistant is the same name of the utility that we always recommend unchecking on TaiG jailbreaks, because it usually has links to pirated content and just seems shady overall.

According to a report by Stephen Chan, who’s reported on jailbreaking accurately in the past, 3K Assistant has announced that a jailbreak for iOS 9.2 is coming soon via the Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

Unfortunately, the Weibo post appears to have been removed by 3K Assistant. There is a blog post, however, that goes into detail on the progress of the iOS 9.2 jailbreak. The blog post is in Chinese, but you can use Google Translate to gain a rough translation of the update.

Be sure to head over to Chan’s blog for screenshots of the original 3K Assistant weibo post.

What do you think about the prospect of an iOS 9.2 untethered jailbreak? Are you highly anticipating it?

Springtimize 3 gets updated with several improvements 

 Springtomize 3, a tweak that lets you customize jailbroken phones, has been updated with several improvements. Developer Janosch Hübner recently submitted the 1.4.0-4 update to the Big Boss Cydia Repository.

Springtomize 3 is the ultimate utility for your iDevice! It’s the only customization tweak you’ll ever need. It features plenty of options to customize even the smallest aspect of your device(s). Every single option includes a brief explanation of its effect, making it very easy to use. The whole application has been localized in 20 different languages, so everyone will be able to use it without an issue. 
Changelog v1.4.0-4

● Option to set different rows and columns for landscape on SpringBoard (no Dock)

● Display Seconds in Statusbar

● Option to hide Badge Text (but keep the badge itself)

● Colorize Lockscreen Time / Date

● Fix lowercase am/pm time updates
By iclarified via Mike Maynard