Abacus • pink flip wallet case for your iOS device

  This company’s name is @abacus24-7 and this case comes in several colors 

  Well if your looking for a case for your iOS device to hold your cash and credit cards THE ABACUS COMPANY has one for your plus other fine products . This case has durable leather , 4 slide spots for your credit cards and one for your identification, this case will be perfect for that someone who is running late and don’t want to take there pocket book in or reach back in there billfold 

We all have cellphones these days so why not use the case that has all your important things , credit cards , case and most importantly your IOS DEVICE


The results of the 2015 JAILBREAK AWARDS

Thinks IDOWNLAODBLOG and @jeffbenjiman for this great post that I’m sharing on the talented iOS theme and tweak developers who makes iOS JAILBREAking great and with out you guys this wouldn’t be possible. Thinks to all of you guys from.

Mike Maynard & all of us at IOS JAILBREAKSPOT 


 Today was the day that the results of the 2015 Jailbreak Awards were unveiled, and we’re happy to say that iDB was the winner in both categories that we were nominated for. Not only did you help vote iDB as the best jailbreak-oriented blog, but you also selected us as having the best jailbreak-related YouTube Channel.

It’s an honor to be so highly thought of in the community, and we’d like to take this time to thank you for reading, watching, and voting for us. Check the rest of this post for a list of all of this year’s winners.

2015 Jailbreak Awards

Again, thank you for participating. We look forward to living up to your sentiments in 2016.

Reddit link to all of the awards and nominated developers


 Well what can I say my wonderful sister  gave me her iPad first gen today and its in wonderful shape I’m so happy . Well for now I will jailbreak with green poison jailbreak tool  

iOS 9 jailbreak is in the works

Here is the latest on the iOS 9 jailbreak according to IDOWNLOADBLOG 

Not only is an iOS 9.2 jailbreak in the works, but it could be here sooner than you think. That all, according to 3K Assistant, a long-time TaiG jailbreak partner. 3K Assistant is the same name of the utility that we always recommend unchecking on TaiG jailbreaks, because it usually has links to pirated content and just seems shady overall.

According to a report by Stephen Chan, who’s reported on jailbreaking accurately in the past, 3K Assistant has announced that a jailbreak for iOS 9.2 is coming soon via the Chinese microblogging site Weibo.

Unfortunately, the Weibo post appears to have been removed by 3K Assistant. There is a blog post, however, that goes into detail on the progress of the iOS 9.2 jailbreak. The blog post is in Chinese, but you can use Google Translate to gain a rough translation of the update.

Be sure to head over to Chan’s blog for screenshots of the original 3K Assistant weibo post.

What do you think about the prospect of an iOS 9.2 untethered jailbreak? Are you highly anticipating it?

My Home Screen On My iPhone 6S Plus

Hello everyone. My name is Ben Beedell and I’m Mikes friend from London, England who’s also going to be posting various things on here relating to iOS Jailbreaking. I’ve been a big fan of Jailbreaking, and I’ve Jailbroken every iDevice I’ve owned over the years. Below is my current setup on my new iPhone 6S Plus. Unfortunately at this moment in time I’m running the latest iOS 9.2 firmware which there is no jailbreak for at the moment. Let’s hope soon a new jailbreak will become available for anyone running iOS 9.2

Posted By: Ben Beedell


Geohot is building self driving car

Geohot, the first person to unlock the original iPhone, has built a self driving car in just one month in his own garage. 
Geohot has equipped a 2016 Acura with graphics chips that normally power video game consoles and Intel chips to run his AI calculations. The car also features six cameras — similar to the ones found in smartphones — to gather data and images surrounding the vehicle. It has a 21.5-inch monitor and joystick controller that enables self-driving mode. Geohot says his costs to develop the system are $50,000 thus far — with most of that consisting of the car itself ($30,000). 

Part of what motivated Geohot to build the car was a bet with Telsa’s Elon Musk. Tesla currently gets its driver-assist technology from Mobileye, a company that Geohot says is “behind the times” with the technology.
There was a proposal that if Hotz could do better than Mobileye’s technology in a test, then Musk would reward him with a lucrative contract. Hotz, though, broke off the talks when he felt that Musk kept changing the terms. “Frankly, I think you should just work at Tesla,” Musk wrote to Hotz in an e-mail. “I’m happy to work out a multimillion-dollar bonus with a longer time horizon that pays out as soon as we discontinue Mobileye.”
“I appreciate the offer,” Hotz replied, “but like I’ve said, I’m not looking for a job. I’ll ping you when I crush Mobileye.” Musk simply answered, “OK.”

Geohot says his approach is different than what most autonomous vehicle technology consists of. He says he’s come up with some discoveries that improve how AI software interprets data coming from cameras. In essence, instead of writing hundreds and thousands of lines of code to tell the vehicle what to do in certain scenarios, Geohot has developed a “deep-learning” way for the vehicle to simply learn what to do after being manually driven around. Geohot’s software is based on just 2,000 lines of code and he has even launched his own company, comma.ai.
The major advance he will discuss is the edge that deep-learning techniques provide in autonomous technology. He says the usual practice has been to manually code rules that handle specific situations. There’s code that helps cars follow other vehicles on the highway, and more code to deal with a deer that leaps into the road. Hotz’s car has no such built-in rules. It learns what drivers typically do in various situations and then tries to mimic and perfect that behavior. If his Acura cruises by a bicyclist, for example, it gives the biker some extra room, because it’s seen Hotz do that in the past. 
Besides unlocking the original iPhone, Geohot also jailbroke the PS3, released his own Android root, and much more. Geohot has worked at Google, Facebook, SpaceX, and more. 
Check out the Bloomberg’s entire story on Geohot’s self-driving car here.

SWIFT-programming language is open source now 

Apple has just announced that its Swift programming language is now open source. 
The company has launched a new swift.org website which provides a blog, documentation, downloads, and other material to help developers with Swift.

Welcome to Swift.org
Swift is now open source!
We are excited by this new chapter in the story of Swift. After Apple unveiled the Swift programming language, it quickly became one of the fastest growing languages in history. Swift makes it easy to write software that is incredibly fast and safe by design. Now that Swift is open source, you can help make the best general purpose programming language available everywhere.
For students, learning Swift has been a great introduction to modern programming concepts and best practices. And because it is now open, their Swift skills will be able to be applied to an even broader range of platforms, from mobile devices to the desktop to the cloud.
Welcome to the Swift community. Together we are working to build a better programming language for everyone.

Apple has separated the code for the Swift project into several open-source repositories, all hosted on GitHub.
Compiler and Standard Library

● swift: The main Swift repository, which contains the source code for the Swift compiler, standard library, and SourceKit.

● swift-evolution: Documents related to the continued evolution of Swift, including goals for upcoming releases proposals for changes to and extensions of Swift.
Core Libraries

● swift-corelibs-foundation: The source code for Foundation, which provides common functionality for all applications.

● swift-corelibs-libdispatch: The source code for libdispatch, which provides concurrency primitives for working on multicore hardware.

● swift-corelibs-xctest: The source code for XCTest, which provides fundamental testing infrastructure for Swift apps and libraries.
Package Manager

● swift-package-manager: The source code for the Swift package manager.

● swift-llbuild: The source code for llbuild, a low-level build system used by the Swift package manager.
Cloned Repositories

Swift builds upon several other open-source projects, most notably the LLVM Compiler Infrastructure. Swift’s clones of the repositories of those open-source projects contain Swift-specific changes and are merged regularly from their upstream sources.
● swift-llvm: The source code for LLVM, with a handful of Swift-specific additions. Merged regularly from the LLVM sources at llvm.org.

● swift-clang: The source code for Clang, with a handful of Swift-specific additions. Merged regularly from the Clang sources at llvm.org.

● swift-lldb: The source code for the Swift-enabled version of LLDB, for debugging Swift programs. Merged regularly from the LLDB sources at llvm.org.

● swift-cmark: The source code for CommonMark, which is used in the Swift compiler. 
Hit the link below to check out the swift.org site and learn more about Apple’s new programming language.

WILL APPLE ditch the 3.5 mm headphone jack in the next iPhone? 

Here is the latest news on Apple and the headphone jack! Will they replace or ditch?