InstaTools • jailbreak tweak 

This is a free tweak in the BIGBOSS repo and is very useful for all you Instagram power users it’s developed by willy Lung

Instatools video review


Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9

InstaTools makes many things that Instagram unable to do came true. You know you’ve never felt anything like it.

• Long press photo to zoom

• Add “Save” & “Share” button on action bar

• Save high-quality photo or videos

• Share photos or videos with caption

• Able to save photos or videos to specified album

• Notification sound, including like, comment, etc…

• Show user accounts & name on main feed

• Switch main feed as a grid or a list

• Covert Post Time to Date

• Show follow status on profile

• Remove sponsored Ads

• View and zoom profile picture

• Long press to save or share media content on DM

• Long press post caption able to copy or share

Please keep looking forward to adding more useful features, and your idea and support are definitely welcome!

Compatible with iOS 7 ~ 9

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