TWBenhancer9 • Jailbreak tweak

Well is your a tweetbot lover this tweak is for you its in the BIGBOSSREPO FOR 2.49$ and is developed by IMOKHLES


Compatible with iOS 9

Supports iPhone/iPad

For iOS 7/8, try TWBEnhancer

requires iOS9 and Tweetbot4

Free update for who purchased the previous version 

most wanted features for Tweetbot4



– Stream LTE 

— enables new option inside Streaming ( Stream Over LTE )

– Dm Image

— Send direct messages images 

— last taken image

— choose image from Library( u can edit before sending )

— capture new image ( u can edit before sending )

– Disable Favobot

— disable Favobot redirect and view favorites inside apps

– Font Size

— increased the stock Font slider inside Tweetbot4 settings value

– Edit image 

— edit images before tweeting them ( open the selected image full screen ) then long press on the image ( then click edit image )

– Share Tweets

— add new share option to the share button in the top right of any tweet page 

– Delete all drafts at once 

— delete all the drafts with on click 

– Tweet over 140chrs

— put your tweet over 140chrs into image ( but u need to click return to add new line after each phrase because it don’t split text automatically)

– Download Videos

— long press on th video after you play it to download 🙂

Settings placed inside Tweetbot4 Settings page ( in app )


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