StalKy • jailbreak tweak 

This tweak is developed by @F0u4D and is the BIGBOSSREPO FOR 1.99$


Compatible with iOS 7, 8 and 9
Ever wanted to check your friends recent status and profile picture updates on WhatsApp? Here’s a tweak that will add all your contacts updates into one page where you can view the images and read statuses updates. 

– Get a list of all your friends updates sorted by time.

– Save/share your contact profile pictures by using long press gesture on the update cell.

– Copy/share your contact status updates just by tapping on the cell.


WhatsApp server will hold only one profile picture for every contact, therefore if your contact has changed his picture multiple times when your WhatsApp was closed, we are unable to fetch the old images once you open WhatsApp again.
This is why “Background Fetch” feature is there, it will let your WhatsApp active in background in order to download your contact picture changes on-the-fly as they are updated.
What’s New

– Re-wrote most of the update saving code

– Updates are now saved into a database

– Updates table should be much more smoothly

– More Auto-Download options (Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi and Cellular, Never)

– New gallery for saved pictures that support deleting images

– Fixed blacklisted contacts showing in updates table

– Fixed saved pictures/status from contact info view for contact with multiple phone numbers

– New Contacts Picker table which includes recent chats and will now show all numbers for a single contact

– Added filter button where you can filter updates to show all/status/picture/group updates

– Moved delete button is now on settings page

– Fixed profile picture view not showing the latest saved image of a contact before deleting picture

– Show Stalky Saved pictures and statuses buttons on group info page

– Fixed groups empty notifications

– Added option to check saved pictures for all contacts

– Fixed deleting profile picture still showing on profile

– Fixed Stalky header picture not updating when profile picture is changed/deleted


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