DockWare (ios8/9)- jailbreak tweak

Compatible with iOS 8 and 9
Also available, DockWare for iOS 7

DockWare tweak review video
 DockWare 2 allows you to hide and show your dock everywhere. You can access your dock in applications, folders and the app switcher. It also gives you the ability to hide on the home screen, then show it with an activator gesture.
Gestures for showing and hiding are setup with activator. There are many options to choose from in the settings pane. Choose from 8 different animations, as well as some different ways the apps view and home screens view interact with the incoming dock!
In DockWare 2 your dock now remembers if it is up or down. It will not always autohide. It also now has the ability to open up folders in applications. Apex 2 is now fully supported! Finally, we are introducing a new mode, “Inverse Mode”, which hides your apps instead of your dock on the home screen!
Check out this youtube video for a demonstration:

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